Through the Eyes of the Ambivalent

by A Cloud Forest

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First full length album. Atmospheric Black Metal from Arizona featuring ex-members of Suicide Nation and Contravene. 50 minutes long.


released October 31, 2010



all rights reserved


A Cloud Forest Phoenix, Arizona

A Cloud Forest is an Atmospheric & Depressive Black Metal project from Arizona that formed in June/July of 2009. Born of sorrow. Born of pain.

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Track Name: the Pangs of Conscience
I never thought flesh could be so deceiving even in a lifeless face. I still can’t see past her smile...and those eyes. A constant reminder of what contentment meant to me. As I wipe the crimson stains from her now drying cheeks I still can’t come to terms with what has just occurred. She is never coming back to me. My selfish pride has allowed me to stay silent for years. And now that I wish to express my deepest
felt feelings my chances are taken away from me. You will never truly know how large of a part of my life you were. You kept me alive in a time when I chose to roll over and die. You were my existence and now you are gone without even a clue as to how much I loved you. I will not forget. I am truly sorry.
Track Name: Blessed With This Curse
This is nightfall. As trees blow in the breeze. Talking sweet nothings while disclosing autumn leaves. This is removal. This is renewal. This is the night time secret that keeps us inside after dark. Stars are shining, as to avert your eyes, as night comes alive. Kiss the night’s sky to taste this lost good bye. And as earth gave way to shaped wood you became the master. Shaped through selfishness. To pull the severed ties of old. You’re dancing on the center stage but you’re still alone. Taste this sting, deep inside your heart, you’re just as lost as me. like a blind man walking through an open door too afraid to see. His shadow is still just as long, like the smile upon your face. But indifference is not healing and does not make this submission anything less than prolonged.
Track Name: This Dying Heart
Welcome one again. My feelings to splatter upon the wall. Running red with lost emotions. Who will remove your dismembered rag doll? Who will carry my soul away? It’s broken memories will live forever. Most of
it’s memories can be shut away with very little endeavor. If you love something set it free. Nothing I have set free has ever come back to me. This dying heart of mine burns. My heart and my soul. All things that pertain to me. My fucking heart and my soul. A greedy, self centered bastard - that is me. I hate all I have become. All of this shit. All that has come from this. All that I am inside is shit. Welcome to my lifelong fight. Swinging at shadows on the ceiling. My world has lost all light. Days become nights become days become more. Years have gone by and I still fight this war. Nothing I’ve set free has ever come back to me. Nights become days become nights once again. Years have gone by and I still live in sin. Who will be left to carry my soul away?
Track Name: the Black Still of Night
Beneath this broken city lies sacrifice. We have never given a thing to receive this punishment. Nail your own hands through the back of your brother, not realizing that he has literally raped your mother. Let the blood flow, intoxicating in it’s effects. And eat heartily, feast upon your bread. Simply submit and everything will be just fine. Lay silent in your gardens. Fear to eat the fruits of your own labor, but fear not to eat the flesh of your neighbor. For they are here to serve us, as they all are in your eyes. Animal, woman, child, slave. Almighty - creation - creator - created. We have created you, so called father. We are the
creators. The creationists of your existence. Out of our own fear of security - emptiness - reality. We have built you from nothing only to reduce ourselves to the very same. We are nothing...And with the rain
came light. Artificially cutting through the black still of night. To let me face the words I thought I’d come to hate. And with the storm came clockwork. A precision way to pass our lives off as nothing short of a waste. With shit spread across such blank walls and our desires left shattered, strewn upon the floor. We would burn our world at both ends of the stick and fade away in blackened clouds. Not knowing what we were sent here for