Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep Demo

by A Cloud Forest

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(free) 04:36


debut 5 song demo release of Atmospheric Black Metal from Arizona featuring ex-members of Suicide Nation and Contravene.


released February 19, 2010



all rights reserved


A Cloud Forest Phoenix, Arizona

A Cloud Forest is an Atmospheric & Depressive Black Metal project from Arizona that formed in June/July of 2009. Born of sorrow. Born of pain.

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Black Clouds At Sunset
These fragments lying at my feet.
Blood on my hands so indiscreet.
I'll put them both behind my back as this is mine to own.
Memories will twist and burn.
Hand me a rose and I will learn.
It's thorns embed into my flesh and suddenly I've grown.
I force these thoughts from my inner sights to hold on to this beauty through visions not so clear.
I follow the patchwork clouds across the clear blue sky.
And smile at the falseness of this "reality".
Truths be told and truths be mine.
Truths don't stand a chance in time.
The sands erode, reshape, amend.
And the winds wills way and bend.
Scars run deep and scars remind.
They serve to keep the pain entwined.
Actions passed have left their mark and I will not forget.
Betrayal casts a bitter hue.
Black clouds at sunset obscure the view.
The stones you've cast have paved the way.
It's far too late for regret.
A life in falling amidst decay.
Look at it once and walk away.
Look again and feel it's pain.
Look once more now feel to blame (the shame)
Cast stones strewn beneath my feet.
Scars on my heart it cut so deep.
The taste of blood inside my mouth reminds me that I'm home.
Memories meant to remain.
My heart grows cold as I embrace this pain.
I put my head into my hands.
And in my tears I drown.
I've watched the sun cross the sky its' slow and painful path.
I'm tired and worn for it's gone on too long.
I can no longer comprehend this laughter colliding with tears.
I've come to terms with the pain of this nothingness
Track Name: As the Sun Descends
Darkness fills the skies around me as the sun slowly descends.
Warm winds bring promises of hope and change.
Of rebirth, of a brand new day.
Of a world we've never known.
This oncoming storm cleanses our souls.
Bringing the catalyst.
Hoping to start again - a new.
Free from the punishment of our past.
My soot covered hands reach to the sky to embrace the rain.
We fear not death nor rapture for this is fucking hell.
This false man made god will not save us from ourselves.
Nothing more than lies brought on the backs of angels that now spawn demon wings of death.
As the bodies lie smoldering in ruins.
Like fall monuments crumbling.
Like the burning bodies littering the streets.
No longer imprisoned by this hate.
We must return again.
Look down into the eyes of tyrants and conquer.
Those who have made our lives so vile.
As the smell of burning flesh fills the night air.
Our conquered dreams beg to be erased.
Reborn, renewed by the oncoming storm and the darkness.
As the sun descends
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Dark gives birth to light.
Sunset once more.
Through the clouds I can see your shades being set free before me.
Blood streaked strawberry fields hide among the unknown.
As rivers run wild with a glow of steel.
I can sense you, feel your touch, and I am then one.
Inside of myself.
I am an escape for you.
I am escaping through you.
Giving birth to what you always wanted but you never could be.
I have escaped inside of you for the last time.
I have escape inside of you but no longer.
I am nothing more than what you make of me.
I am nothing more than what I choose to be.
I am nothing more than what you choose to make me.
I am nothing more...
Track Name: As Embers Turn to Ashes